Breakfast on your wedding day

Breakfast on your wedding day

Breakfast on the wedding day is one of the most important things to do, otherwise you will be starving until cocktail time !

I suggest you  as you created a time line with your wedding coordinator, you create a time line to prepare everything before reaching the altar.

The day can start with a good stretch, if you like Yoga or take a short visit to the hotel gym, of course a coffee taking those minutes of reflection on what is to come, a day full of joy and emotions.

So i will do somenthing like this

Wedding morning

  • Wake up & have a coffe 7.30 am to 8 am
  • Healty activity  (run in the beach, meditation, Yoga, something to balance your body but without a killing rutine 8 am / 8.45 am )
  • Shower and breakfast maxim 9.30 am

Super important to keep everyone inform of the timeline for the day, this will help you to avoid does last minute questions that somethimes can take a lot of part of your day

If you are getting ready in your room, thing in the ligthing of the room and the space of it, you don’t want 12 bridesmaid on a 4 x4 room lol !

Some hotels also have a Bride Room such as the dreams tulum which is about 15 minutes before reaching tulum town.

This is one of my fav getting ready moments, Michaela and the bridal time had breakfast with cold meats and seasonal fruits, after the makeup some refreshing mimosas before going out to the chapel that is inside dreams tulum

Remmeber stay focus and enjoy every moment, is your wedding day.

Make a Time line 

Mimosa is allways a good idea