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The wedding day is one of the most important days in a human life, not only because of the meaning of the union of two souls that love each other that much that they want to celebrate with all their family and friends, but in this case, the wedding decor is a reflection of what the couple is and how they want to be seen on such a big day!

I´ve have super crazy stories about wedding decor!!
To start, you must choose a color palette, you can find a bunch of options on Pinterest (as I say, ¨The Creativity’s King¨ and your best friend when you need some ideas)

In the last weeks I have two different weddings at the same hotel and I really loved to show the perfect example of what Style Me is, as each person is a whole different world, couples are so.

Sophia & Robin, a couple that we started talking by September 2021 came from a completely tropical – greenery to a black copper that end up been one of the most unique and special weddings I’ve ever had.

Sophia wanted to add some orquids to her bouquet and Robins boutonnière because it was the first flower that he gave her, as well as some peach roses that her grandma loved <3
I think this kind of little details make the difference and also gives a lot of special meaning to the hole vibe!

Then, we had Amanda & Taylor which I can only describe it as a completely fairytale dream! I’m still OBSESSED with her wedding!!!!
Something hard to guess for you would be Amanda’s favorite color hahaha…


Even all of their guest where wearing pink with I thinks was a completely brilliant idea.
We had pink almost everywhere! On the cups, the napkins, the roses, some spray painted foliage, her place cards and on the backdrop-seating chart we made specially for her 😉

All the floral concept was a boho chic style adapted to her pinky color palette!

I also loved that she had one of the most original ideas for the guest book, it was a fashion magazine (obviously on pink tones too)

One of the things I really love about making the wedding decor from 0 is getting to know my couples and help them to express what they are into beautiful things and giving them exactly what they want!
There’s a bunch of things to think when you’re planning your wedding, but for me, as I always tell my customers, decor should be the less stressing and most fun part of all!

Remember to enjoy all the process and contact us if you’re having a * bloqueo creativo*** or you’re looking for some expert advices 😉


Sara García

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